June 2017
Scottish Government announced that Regional Improvement Collaboratives, tailored to the local area, will be established to support schools across Scotland. Each collaborative will be led by a new Regional Director reporting to the Chief Inspector of Education. They will provide educational improvement support through dedicated teams of professionals who will draw on Education Scotland, local authority teams and others. This will enable areas to pool and strengthen resources to support learning and teaching.
September 2017
Report of joint steering groups on RICs published (how they will work, etc)
October 2017
Regional Directors of RICs in place (Sheena Devlin for the TRIC)
January 2018
Plans to be in place (our phase 1 plan – looking at academic year 17/18)
July 2018
Annual update report required for ICSP/Tayside Plan
September 2018
TRIC progress report required and phase 2 plans
November 2018
Confirmation of Scottish Government funding for the TRIC